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MTV Doc-Style pilot. 

A group of young talened musicians struggle with their own path to success and friendships in Brooklyn, NY.  

DP: David Gil

SuperCute - MTV

Patrons of Diplomacy

Within the magnificent Diplomatic Reception Rooms, the Secretary of State, Vice President, and Cabinet officials lead our country in the essential business of American diplomacy.  In these rooms, the United States signs treaties, conducts summit negotiations, hosts swearing-in ceremonies, and facilitates trade agreements.


 DP : David Gil

Political Animals

Political Animals tells the story of the civil rights struggle of this century – the gay rights movement - through the eyes of four elected women 


Dir: Jonah Markowitz / Tracy Wares

DP : David Gil

Producer: Anne Clements / Ash Christian

     ocumentary and reality projects.  I come from a journalism background and have found a unique platform that merges my doc-style sensibilities with cinematic aesthetics.   

The busiest fire house in the US. Station 9 is surrounded by the area called Skid Row. These firefighters are the only hope for the people who call this place home.


Director / DP: David Gil

Station 9


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